To register for AON medical cover through your mobile phone
From Safaricom line dial *384*847#
From Airtel *865#
Have your DOB, ID no, TSC no and pay station code with you
Also the ID of your spouse, DOB, the DOB of children if applicable

1. Type *384*847# from Safaricom Line and *865# from Airtel Line.
You will be welcomed with a message “Welcome to Aon TSC Medical Insurance Registration”.
2. Enter your TSC Number and ID Number
The above will be verified against TSC database
3. If successful, you will be asked to enter Name (surname and other names), DOB, Workstation Number, family size including self, gender and whether you and other members of your family stay together.
If not successful, you will be asked to contact a number at Aon for further assistance (020 497 4799, 0730 647 799, 0719 044 799).
All erroneous attempts will be logged onto the system and will be queried so as to reach the teacher in ‘Registration Distress’ or control fraudsters
4. Once done, you will be given a pass-code that you can use to register your dependants and a message confirming that you are now a fully registered member with Aon TSC Medical Scheme
5. While registering your spouse, please provide telephone number
6. While registered children, please state whether they are disabled. If over eighteen (18) of age, kindly provide their ID Numbers



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